What ages are included in your Awana Club?

We have clubs for ages 3-11, which includes the Cubbies, Sparks, and Truth & Training.

What time does your Awana program start?

We ask for Clubbers to arrive at 6:00, sign in with our secretaries, and go directly to the Game Circle for Opening Ceremonies. We would also love to have your family join us for dinner at 5:15.

Does Awana cost anything?

We ask that Clubbers bring 50 cents each week to help cover some expenses, and any shirts or vests they want must be purchased.  All books and rewards are given to the Clubber for free.  (There will be a fee for any replacement books and rewards.)

Can I drop my child off at Awana and come back at the end to pick him up?

Yes, but we ask any parent of a preschooler (Cubbies and Puggles) to remain at the church for the duration of our Club time.  AND we encourage all of our Clubbers’ parents to stay, if possible. There are several ways to spend your time as you wait.  We have an adult Bible study and prayer time, or there are several ways you can volunteer to help us in our Awana program.

Have your Awana workers had a criminal background check done?

Yes.  We also have policies that no child is to be alone with an adult.  Your child’s physical and spiritual safety is our top priority!

How can I reach someone if I have more questions?

You can call our church office at (352)799-5462 or use the Contact Us page on our website.




See Grand Prix photos below! 



No Awana over the Summer.  Check back in September!


Each week, more than two million children ages 2 to 18 participate in Awana throughout the world!  Here at Community Bible Church we are excited to be part of this ministry, as well!  Every Wednesday night throughout the school year we are learning God’s Word, playing fun games, having some pretty crazy theme nights, and building special friendships.



Below find pics from our

 Awana Grand Prix

held here at CBC

2014_GP_Gator Dave 2

2014_GP_Race Track

2014_GP_Race Track 2


2014_GP_Race Cars


2014_GP_High fives

2014_GP_Winner_Caleb Wylupek

2014_GP_Winner_Leah Palma

2014_GP_Winner Creative