“Kids Outdoor Zone — no kid left inside”
                The average kid today spends:
                                     •  40 minutes a week outside
                                     •  70 hours a week looking at an electronic screen
Community Bible Church has begun an exciting new program for boys and young men.   Our outdoor campus provides the perfect setting for this ministry reaching ages 8 to 18.  They are mentored and receive positive encouragement for their place in life.  K.O.Z. meets every second Saturday in the morning at the campfire ring in the big field typically ending with a group meal together around Noon.  
We have found this to be a great way for fathers to connect with sons in adventures that mature them and develop skills they are thrilled to participate in.  These young people who are abandoned, fatherless, or wounded find caring leadership from men of solid character.
The average kid today spends 40 minutes a week outside and 70 hours a week looking at an electronic screen. Urban lifestyles, electronics, and a lack of mentors in outdoor skills and adventure have created an unhealthy gap between the kids today and the outdoors.  This program addresses this problem effectively.